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How to distinguish the quality of quartz stone ?

How to distinguish the quality of quartz stone ?

  • Use eyes to observe particle distribution to determine density

The quartz stone of good quality and heavier weight is produced under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure by a press, with relatively uniform particles, high density and not easy to penetrate.

The bad quality quartz stone is produced by a heavy-duty press for casting and production. It has a high density, has pores, and is easy to penetrate, and there will be small particles on the front side and large particles on the back side.

  • Scrape with a knife or key

The main component of quartz stone is made of quartz sand, which is silicon dioxide. In nature, the hardness is equivalent to diamond. A good quality quartz stone will only show minor scratches after being scratched with a key or a knife. Obviously, poor quality quartz stone contain inferior materials such as calcium powder. If scratched with a key, there will be white powder and obvious scratches, and the metal color of the knife will remain on the quartz stone surface.

  • Soak with white vinegar

High-quality quartz stone should contain more than 93% of natural quartz, and will not chemically react with acidic substances. Poor-quality quartz stone contains more calcium substances and will react with acid to produce bubbles.

  • Grilled on fire

Quartz stone has high temperature resistance properties. After burning it with a lighter for a while, it is generally high-quality quartz stone that can be scrubbed clean with water. On the contrary, it is bad quality quartz stone.

  • Pour soy sauce or red wine to test the permeability

Soy sauce is the best test material. Pour it on the quartz stone surface, After a few hours of observation, The good quality quartz stone has a very high density, and colored objects are not easy to penetrate, wipe off without leaving traces. The bad quality quartz stone is easy to penetrate and difficult to recover.