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How to select stone countertop material for your cabinet ?

How to select stone countertop material for your cabinet?

The kitchen is naturally easy to use if the cabinets are well installed. The centerpiece of kitchen is the cabinets. The homeowners struggle with which stone material is good for cabinet countertops ?

Before choosing the countertop, the most critical is to know the countertop material, in order to choose as needed. According to the production of different raw materials, countertops are generally divided into: Natural stone, Artificial stone, Quartz stone.

1. Natural Stone(marble, granite, onyx, natural quartzite)

Advantages of natural stone:

Made of natural stone, high hardness, cut resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.With natural stone texture and natural texture, it is suitable for elegant kitchen style decoration.
Disadvantages of natural stone:
Need to cut and Joint, the joint place is obvious, it is easy to hide dirt, and it will be dirty after long-term use. The hardness is too harder and no easy to be repaired after damage.

2. Artificial Stone: Through artificial methods, inorganic mineral materials and some of the auxiliary materials plus organic binders mixed and processed with a certain strength, color artificial stone, the artificial stone processed into the countertop.
Advantages of artificial stone:

Strong, Hard enough, High gloss, Smooth surface, Easy to clean, No bacteria breeding, Very suitable for the use of kitchen countertops.

The price is much friendly compared to natural stone countertops.
Disadvantages artificial stone:
Not heat resistant, hot pots and pans should be separated by a heat insulating mat when placed.
Texture is not natural, relatively speaking, the beauty is not as good as marble and other natural stone.

3.Quartz Stone: A new type of stone kitchen countertop made of more than 93% quartz plus resin and other trace elements artificially synthesized.

Advantages of Quartz stone:
Moesh hardness up to 7, resistant to cutting, not easy to scratch; durable.
High temperature resistance, no surface capillaries, strong resistance to dirt, stains are not easy to penetrate.
A combination of natural stone and artificial stone advantages, natural texture, smooth texture, more colorful, is a natural environmental protection materials.
quartz stone countertops are suitable for a variety of styles of kitchen decoration, and good texture.
Disadvantages of Quartz stone:
Not easy to fabriate, the shape is too simple.