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Nano Galss Stone

  • Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone
Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone

Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone

  • Size: 2800X1600 Or Customized Size
  • Thickenss: 18mm Or Customized Thickness
  • Finished: Polished Or Customized
  • Application: Floor & Wall Tiles, Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Vanity Top, etc
  • Product description: Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone, Nano Glass Stone, Marmoglass, Super Nanoglass, Nano Crystallized Glass Stone
Product Description:

Calacatta White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone


 Nano Crystallized Glass Stone


 Slab size:2800x1600mm(110”x63”) Or Customized Size

 Cut-to- size: 600x600mm, 600x300mm, 300x300mm Or Customized Size

 Countertop: 108”x26”, 96”x26”, 78”x26” Or Customized Size

 Vanity top: 73”x22”, 61”x22”, 49”x22”, 37”x22”, 25”x22” Or Customized Size

 Island: 108”X40”, 96”X40”, 96”X36”, 72”X36” Or Customized Size


 18mm, 20mm OrCustomized Thickness


 Countertops, Bathroom vanity top, Bar tops,Flooring & Wall Tiles etc


1. Super whiteness. Whiteness that is up to 95%, makes it much whiter than any other natural stone or ceramic materials that serve a similar purpose.
2. Zero water absorption. Compact internal structure without air pores. Preventing Ink, tea, cosmetic or any other liquid contaminant from penetrating.
3. Strong surface hardness. Mohs 7 hardness, equivalent to quartz, only inferior to diamond,corundum and topaz. Kitchen knives or sands can hardly leave a scratch on the surface.
4. Environmental friendly. Main raw material are calcite and silicate. Without any toxic and radioactive element
5. Supreme stability. Sintering at 1600℃ to shape up. No deformation under extreme weather. Without resin inside, yellow spot won't appear after a long time use. Erosion, alkali and acid resistant. Can be applied for interior and exterior use.
6. High anti-compressive strength. Good anti-compact. N/Wear resistant. Low linear heat expansion index. Suitable for protection material for iron & steel industry, power industry and coal industry besides construction material application.

Nano crystallized glass stone (also known as microcrystalline glass) is a kind of a natural inorganic material, use new and high technology after two high temperature sintering, board face level off clean, color uniform, texture clear and elegant, soft luster crystal, colorful bright, hard, non-absorbent anti-pollution, resistant to acid and alkali resistance to weathering, green environmental protection, no radioactive poisoning of the new type of green environmental protection of high-grade building decoration materials.

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1. Are you a trading company or factory?

We're 100% factory with our own sales team, design team, QC team etc.

2. How do I know your quality?

High solution detailed inspection photos and free sample will be able to verify our quality.

3. I'm a home owner and I need small quantity, what do I do?

Pls check with our sales team if it's in stock or if we have distributor locally.

4. Can I get a door to door service? or can I get the tiles delivered to my door?

Yes, we offer delivery to your door service, which makes your work easy.

5. Can I get a sample first? And how does it charge?

Yes, free sample is available with freight collect or prepaid.

6. What if the tiles are broken during transition?

All our products are guaranteed by insurance, our after sales will sort out the reasons and will sure you'll be properly compensated.

7.How long is the lead time?

The time of delivery is about 10~30 after the deposit arrival,also depending on quantity.

8. How long can my order be finished? How soon can I get my ordered products?

Normally one container order needs 15-30 days.
Transportation duration information:
West European main port: 27 days
Felixstowe / Belfast / South Ampton: 40 days
Dublin: 35days
Western coast of America: about 18 days
Eastern coast of America: about 30 days
Other destinations please email us to get our answer.

9. How could I get to know how much stone I could load per 20' container?

In Xiamen Port of China, we could load the maximum gross weight of 27 tons into one 20'container. Therefore, how much stone you could load per 20' container depends on the weight limit on the roads or railway of your country. Usually, for America, the quantity per 20' container load is as follows.
3/8" thickness-------- 6535 sq.ft.
3/4" thickness-------- 3267 sq.ft.
1 1/4" thickness-------2042 sq.ft.
1 1/2" thickness-------1720 sq.ft.
2" thickness------------1307 sq.ft.

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